Self defense for every woman.

Jax Women's Self Defense, LLC (dba JAXWSD) was created to enhance an outreach program of the National American Tang Soo Do Association Club, which was started by Professor Charlie Phillips in 2004, at Florida State College at Jacksonville. The formation of the company allows our instructors to offer classes off campus. All instructors are blackbelts and members of the club. We are women dedicated to teaching other women simple ways of self defense. The methods we teach in our classes do not require that you have any prior martial arts experience.

Our self defense training goals are:

  1. To get free from the attacker
  2. To disable the attacker
  3. To get away
No one can predict how, when, or where an attack will occur, but every woman should be prepared to attempt self defense.

The techniques we teach can be practiced at home. No special equipment, gym, or long term contracts are required. While our instructors are members of a martial arts club and strongly recommend martial arts to women, it is not required for simple self defense. We believe the key to self defense is a quick response using simple and effective techniques that women can practice on their own in order to become skilled in the techniques and increase the speed of their response to an attack.

While there is no guarantee that any technique will result in complete success during an attack, we believe every woman deserves the training to increase their chances of surviving an attack.

In addition to self defense, we also train women in ways to avoid situations which could lead to being victimized. One of the best self defense techniques is to be always aware of your surroundings.